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Nonprofit leaders often worry about organizational sustainability, demonstrating impact and planning for their next chapter.

At Hedges, we get it. We’ve been there too! That’s why our team of experienced consultants is passionate about empowering nonprofit leaders to confidently and effectively address the challenges that come their way. By investing in our services, nonprofit leaders can stay focused on solving the most important issues facing our community.

Since 2002, Hedges has been a trusted partner to more than 100 leading nonprofits, foundations and public entities in Central Indiana. We have worked with them to maximize their impact, produce measurable results and attract larger community investments.  From helping a single nonprofit to strategically plan and secure funding to helping a foundation to measure and communicate its impact of a community-wide initiative, Hedges has provided an array of services to support the success of our nonprofit community.

Drawing on our team’s deep understanding of the local nonprofit landscape, topical expertise, and extensive knowledge of nonprofit best practices, we specialize in helping leaders address complex challenges. Through strategic planning, grant services, program development and evaluation, and board development, we assist in building a nonprofit’s capacity allowing them to further their mission in a sustainable way.

If you’re a nonprofit leader who is ready to make transformational change, our team is ready to help. Contact Erin Hedges.


This post was originally published on Charitable Advisors.