Kate will engage you as much with her warmth and wit as with her talents and energy. From working to institutionalize voter registration processes to supporting a school district with a structural redesign, Kate’s passion is to help teams define what success looks like for them and plan for growth toward that vision. She has a deep belief in the ability of nonprofit teams to make a change when they are having the right conversations with the right folks, and she has a track record of helping make those conversations happen.

‚ÄúPeople are at the center of all of my work, but I also feel strongly that we must be accountable to results that will make a difference for the people we serve.”

At the University of Michigan, Kate studied how organizations can best utilize structure and function to create social change. This helped her to develop a results-driven approach to her work that still keeps people and mission at the center. Kate utilized this approach for eight years in her work in education and nonprofit spaces in Charlotte, Detroit, and Indianapolis. In those experiences, she successfully facilitated multi-level conversations to develop visions and set meaningful goals that built on strengths to create the desired change. Kate is especially excited to get to do this work with Hedges in Central Indiana. “This is a special place. There are so many passionate people pursuing work that will collectively create a stronger community, and I feel thankful to get to be a part of that.”

In her free time, Kate visits her siblings spread out across four states and two countries and joins them each week on their Sunday night family video chat. She and her partner also have a love for finding new places and trying the best food, hiking, and breweries they have to offer.