A critical thinker, Kara assesses all aspects of a scenario and visualizes possible outcomes before setting an end goal. It’s a method that has suited her well both in her role as a consultant at Hedges and previously as a Community Investment and Grants Officer at a Community Foundation and an Executive Director at a mental health-focused nonprofit. With nonprofit leadership and funder experience, she comes to Hedges with a broad and balanced outlook.

“I am inspired by people at organizations that strategically think outside of the box, pushing the status quo, to create real solutions that change lives.”

Kara holds a BoardSource Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting and a Change Management Certificate from Cornell University. She aims to create productive relationships between nonprofit staff and board members. Coming from direct service, philanthropy, and nonprofit leadership, Kara can relate to clients while also considering best practices for operating efficient and effective organizations. “Nonprofits are the avenue for investing in people and our community. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

In her free time, Kara and her husband make it a priority to introduce their children to new activities, people, and places, with the goal of instilling a sense of understanding and respect for the community.